Outpatient Services


Questions regarding our Outpatient department:

  1. Q1

    Is my medical consultation fee covered by insurance?


    It will be covered by Japanese health insurance so that please present the card to the reception every visit. Those who do not have Japanese Health Insurance, will be charged total medical expenses. Some of the cases will not be covered by Japanese Health insurance, please ask your doctor. We accept only Japanese Health Insurance. Who do not have it, you have to pay medical fee at your own expense. To make refund of your private insurance, please claim by yourself.

  2. Q2

    Do you accept credit cards?


    Yes, we accept VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB and Diners. Your signature on the back of your credit card is required.

  3. Q3

    Do I need to make an appointment to see a doctor?


    You can have a consultation without an appointment for Internal Medicine and other departments, except which is showed " appointment is required".

  4. Q4

    Is there General doctor ?


    No, we have no general doctor, we have doctors as specialists for each department.

  5. Q5

    Do you have any interpreters for my consultation?


    Yes, we have English speaking interpreters. Please note that your waiting time would be longer if you request. We kindly ask you to cancel your consultation depending on our circumstance. Please ensure that you are accompanied by a Japanese interpreter for the above reasons or if you concern our English ability. We appreciate your understanding.

  6. Q6

    Are you able to provide any other languages service other than English?


    At this moment, only English is available.

  7. Q7

    Are you given consultation a child ?


    We do not consult the persons under 15 years old at Internal Medicine. Please find clinic or hospital for Pediatrics. We accept Opthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology and Orthpedics.

  8. Q8

    Is it possible a child visit to having a consultation by him/herself?


    We kindly ask for the parent to accompany the patient who under 18 years old, to have a medical consultation. To be received our secure medical treatment based on mutual informed consent, the parent will be required to decide appropriate exam and treatment with adequate understanding for making accurate diagnosis and treatment for him/her when there are some choices.

  9. Q9

    Do you provide medical certificate and claim form? Do I need to pay extra cost for those?


    Yes, we do but each document costs extra fee and takes one week to receive it. Please ask us more details.

  10. Q10

    I want to do blood examination or other examination only, is it possible?


    The need for medical exams will be decided and ordered by our doctor. Please have a consultation first.

  11. Q11

    Can I hear the result of exam by telephone?


    No we do not provide the result by phone or mail. Your examination result will be explained by the doctor at the consultation.

  12. Q12

    Are you able to prescribe the medicine which I have been taking in my country?


    You are required doctor's consultation to receive the prescription for medicine. Please note that the doctor decides the prescription which follow by diagnosis with the consultation and examination. Most of the case there is no availability of same medicines and doses as you wish.

  13. Q13

    I left my clinic card at my house, how do I do?


    Whenever you are not able to present your clinic card, we ask to pay 500 yen excluded tax to reissue.

  14. Q14

    I forgot to bring my Japanese Health Insurance card, can I see the doctor?


    Yes, you can see the doctor but you will be charged total medical expenses.

  15. Q15

    Can I have the consultation by the doctor who speaks Engilsh?


    It is depend on the doctor and the department. In case you need to assist your communication problem at the consultation, our English Medical interpreter will help you.

  16. Q16

    What kind of medical facilities do you have?


    We have medical equipment of MRI, CT scan, X-ray, Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, ECG, Mammography, Visual Field exam, Fundoscopy, OCT exam and in-house Laboratory.

  17. Q17

    Is the doctor of Gynecology female?


    Yes, our Gynecologist is female.

  18. Q18

    Is it possilbe my family member can hear the result of the exam instead of me?


    Basically we do not provide the result except patient him/herself. But only the case of the Letter of Attorney which with fulfilled condition are submitted, it would be possible. Please ask us more details.

  19. Q19

    Can I have the receipt in English?


    Yes, we are able to issue the receipt in English version. Please ask us for it.

  20. Q20

    How can I get my medicines? Does the prescription have expiration date?


    You can get at any insurance dispensaring pharmacy with the prescription. This is valid for four days including the date of issued.

Questions regarding our NINGEN-dock and Medical check-up: