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Medical Equipments

Roppongi Hills Clinic has an upbeat, relaxing atmosphere, so you don't feel as though you’re in a clinic.

The clinic is designed to be a soothing space, with soft clear lighting, and we take special care to minimize patient stress. The space is open and healthy, with high ceilings that let in plenty of natural light. The clean design is based on the color white and accented by natural wood and the subtle colors of glass.

Medical equipment

We utilize a 1.5T MRI and 64-channel CT scanner

1.5T MRI
1.5T MRI

This state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment images the flow of fluids such as blood and lymph, without using X-rays or contrast media. This equipment can clearly image things like vertebrae, the spinal cord and cartilage which are difficult to image with X-rays. The MRI can also image things like the concentration and distribution of metabolites and the movement of molecules, thereby enabling early diagnosis at a stage where the only clue is a disturbance in metabolism or blood flow.

16-channel CT scanner
64-channel CT scanner

This equipment images an organ in a few seconds, and immediately extracts high-precision, high-density moving pictures. This allows early discovery even of latent illnesses which are difficult to discover before symptoms emerge like myocardial infarctions, brain infarctions and aneurysms in the brain.

Branch laboratory

We have an in-house branch laboratory, so we can give you the results of basic blood and urine tests on an immediate basis.