Outpatient Services
Outpatient Services


Clinic hours


Non-consultation days: Sundays, National Holidays, Year-end and New Year

Check-in time might be different depending on departments. Please check our clinic schedule.
Non-consultation days, please check the consultation schedule of the doctors.

Clinic schedule

Please make sure to bring your Japanese health insurance card every time you come to our clinic.
The full amount of medical fees will be charged if you do not present your Japanese health insurance card.

First-visit patients (New patients)

  • ・Present your Japanese health insurance card and inform us the department you would like to go to. If you have an appointment, please inform us accordingly.
  • ・If you have a referral letter, please present it at the reception.
  • ・Please fill in a consent form.
  • ・Proceed to the designated departments with your clinic ID card and registration slip.

Re-visit patients (returning patients)

  • ・If you revisit our clinic within 2 months of your last visit, you may check in through our automatic reception machine.
  • ・Insert your clinic ID card into the machine, choose the departments you wish to visit, receive a registration slip that’s issued, and proceed to the designated departments. Place your clinic ID card and registration slip into the box located in front of each department.
  • ・If you have an appointment for any kind of scans, endoscopy, barium exam, and visual field test, please visit the reception desk 15 minutes before your appointment. If not, your appointment will be automatically cancelled.

Your clinic ID card is commonly available to all departments and Health Promotion Center.
In case of a lost or forgotten card, a new card will be issued with 500 yen (tax excluded) fee.
Patients whose Japanese health insurance card or medical tickets have changed due to marriage, residential re-location, or any other personal changes, please present your clinic ID card, Japanese health insurance card, and medical tickets to the reception.

  • ・All prescriptions are valid for 4 days from the date of issue. Please take the prescription slip to any pharmacy.
  • ・Payment by cash or credit cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express, JCB) will be accepted.
  • ・Hill’s points are not applicable at our clinic.
  • ・Appointments can be made by telephone or in person at the reception.
  • ・We don’t take appointments for internal medicine. Only walk-in are accepted.
  • ・Consultations could be delayed due to various circumstances even if an appointment is made.
Letter of Attorney
  • ・Letter of Attorney is required when a patient is seeing a doctor or filling out paperwork on behalf of someone else. Please contact us for more details prior to your visit.
New employee check ups
  • ・Appointments for new employee checkups are based on the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health Article 34, which can be made by telephone or in person at the reception. (Reservation is required)
  • ・Please contact us after confirming the items you need to take with the company you are joining. Depending on the items, we may not be able to take your appointment.
Age requirement
  • ・Consultations for Internal Medicine are only provided to 16 years of age or over. Some of our departments have age requirement, so please ask by phone for further information.
  • ・We kindly ask for the parent to accompany with the patient who are under 18 years old, to have a medical consultation at our clinic.

Clinic hours

10:00 - 13:00
14:30 - 18:00
10:00 - 13:00